Effectiveness of Parallel Noise Barriers - An Iowa Study, HR-540, 1987

(1987) Effectiveness of Parallel Noise Barriers - An Iowa Study, HR-540, 1987. Transportation, Department of


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Traffic noise monitoring using FHWA's Demonstration Projects Division Mobile Noise Laboratory at free field, single wall and parallel barrier site on I-380 in Evansdale, Iowa is described. Access to I-380 prior to its being open to traffic afforded a controlled pass-by monitoring phase involving different vehicle types. A subsequent second phase entailed identical measurement methodology to monitor "real world" I-380 traffic noise. Phase I data indicated increases in noise were significant under the parallel barrier conditions for light duty vehicles operating in the far lane. Phase II results showed that the actual I-380 traffic mix largely offset the earlier observed effect, but minor increases in traffic noise under the parallel system were noted. These differences in noise barrier system effectiveness are judged to be insignificant at this particular study location.

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Keywords: Measures of effectiveness, Noise barriers, Traffic data, Traffic measurement, Traffic noise
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