Asphalt Cement Containing AC-13, HR-522, Construction Report, 1985

(1985) Asphalt Cement Containing AC-13, HR-522, Construction Report, 1985. Transportation, Department of


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Stopping and turning maneuvers on high traffic volume asphalt cement concrete surfaced roads and streets often causes distortion of the pavement. Distortion may show up as excessive rutting in the wheel path, shoving of the pavement and/or rippling of the surface. Often times repeated corrective work such as cold milling or heater planing is required in these areas to maintain the pavement surface in a reasonable condition. In recent years polymer additives have been developed for asphalt cement concrete paving mixes that show promise in improving the inplace stability of the pavements. AC-13 (Styrelf 13) available from Bitucote Products Company, St. Louis, Missouri is an asphalt cement that has been modified by an additive to exhibit characteristics of very high stability in asphalt mixes.

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Keywords: Asphalt additives, Asphalt cement, Bituminous mixtures, Distortion (Structures), Milling, Polymer asphalt
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