Use of Longitudinal Subdrains in the 3R Program, Final Report, HR-509, 1981

(1981) Use of Longitudinal Subdrains in the 3R Program, Final Report, HR-509, 1981. Transportation, Department of


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Construction of the interstate highway system began in 1956. This U.S. network of highway consists of more than 41,000 miles with 790 miles in Iowa. There have been many benefits of the controlled access roadway, but probably the most significant is the improved safety for the motorist. In Iowa, we have always endeavored to utilize quality locally available materials in our construction using the most economical or cost effective methods. Obviously when the effort is to build a cost effective system, there will be some portions of the network that will not perform as well as expected. In the design of our interstate, the main consideration for base construction under the pavement was structural capacity. The material was dense graded with the aim of supporting the pavement and distributing the load as it is transferred to the underlying grade. The drainage characteristic of the base was apparently not given adequate consideration. On jointed portland cement concrete (pcc) pavement, the water that is trapped immediately beneath the pavement causes severe problems. The traffic causes rapid movement of the water resulting in the hydraulic pressures or "pumping" (movement and redeposit of base fine material) resulting in faulting between individual slabs. Recognizing the need for maintaining this large national highway network, the Federal Highway Administration has initiated a funding program for resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation (3R). Many miles of the system are more than 20 years old and in need of major maintenance. This new 3R Program necessitated a complete inventory of the Iowa interstate system to establish priorities and to identify those sections in need of immediate remedial treatments.

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