Pavement Instrumentation, HR-293, 1988

(1988) Pavement Instrumentation, HR-293, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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The report documents the development and installation of an instrumented pavement on I-80 in Iowa for the purposes of demonstration and answering current pavement questions. Its two primary objectives include documentation of the installation and verification of existing design procedures through monitoring of the continuous traffic stream reactions in the pavement. Some 120 instruments were installed in a forty foot segment of reconstructed pavement. The instruments included concrete strain gages, weldable strain gages on dowels, LVDT-deflection gages and temperature sensors in the concrete and base material. Five tubes were placed under three joints and two midslabs to measure the relative moisture and density at the interface between the pavement and base with atomic equipment. The instruments were placed ahead of the paving and over 92% of the instruments responded after paving. Planning requirements, problems encountered and costs of installation are presented. The site will use piezoelectric cables in a weigh-in-motion arrangement to trigger the data collection, a microcomputer controlled data acquisition system to analyze multiple sensors simultaneously, and telemetry to monitor the site remotely. Details provide the first time user of instrumentation with valuable information on the planning, problems, costs and coordination required to establish and operate such a site.

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Keywords: Building, Coordination, Costs, Data collection, Deflection, Facilities, Installation, Instrumentation, Microcomputers, Monitoring, Nuclear gages, Nuclear tests, Pavement performance, Pavements, Piezoelectricity, Planning, Remote sensing, Strain gages, Telemetry, Temperature sensors, Weigh in motion
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