Behavior of Carbonate Rocks as Concrete Aggregates, HR-15, 1962

(1962) Behavior of Carbonate Rocks as Concrete Aggregates, HR-15, 1962. Transportation, Department of


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The problem of determining the suitability of carbonate rocks as concrete aggregates is extremely complex and calls for more new data than has been available or obtainable from usual methods. Since 1955 the approach which has served as a primary basis for the project has been to gather as much new information as possible to apply to the problem. New information obtained by new and different techniques provides better understanding. This approach was decided on since, in all prior studies, a standard petrographic and petrologic approach correlated in many instances with standard engineering tests did not provide the answer in Iowa or elsewhere. One can theorize that concrete fails (excluding external causes such as traffic, foundation failure, etc.) because of stresses of internal origin. The stresses can be of a physical nature, such as frost action, or result from chemical activity such as the alkali aggregate reaction. If, as service records show, the aggregate is considered the cause of distress in concrete, it will without doubt be the manner in which an aggregate can create or contribute to stress of internal origin by physical or chemical means. Therefore the main emphasis was placed on studying physical and chemical properties of aggregates as well as the behavior of carbonate rocks in concrete environments. Although standard geologic and engineering methods were also utilized, the approach adopted required considerable effort in devising new techniques and methods. This report is intended to be a detailed summary of the research performed. Whenever possible, the work accomplished will be summarized and all pertinent data will be included. For further details, reference to the various theses and publications transmitted with this report or at previous times will be made wherever possible.

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