Accelerated Testing Track, HR-7, 1951

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In May 1950 a proposal for a research project was submitted to the newly formed Iowa Highway Research Board for consideration and action. This project, designated RPSl by the Board, encompassed the study, development, preparation of preliminary plans and specifications for the construction of a wheel track to be used in the accelerated testing of highway pavements. The device envisioned in the proposal was a circular track about seventy-five feet in diameter equipped with a suitable automobile-tired device to test pavements about five feet in width laid into the track under regular construction practices by small scale construction equipment. The Board, upon review, revised and expanded the basic concepts of the project. The project as revised by the Board included a study of the feasibility of developing, constructing and operating an accelerated testing track in which pavements, bases and subgrades may be laid one full lane, or at least ten feet, in width by full size construction equipment in conformity with usual construction practices. The pavements so laid are to be subjected, during test, to conditions as nearly simulating actual traffic as possible.

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