Durability of Concrete as Affected by Variations in Air and W/C Ratio, R-258, 1975

(1975) Durability of Concrete as Affected by Variations in Air and W/C Ratio, R-258, 1975. Transportation, Department of


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Many times during the past four years we have seen ranges in the durability factor for a single coarse aggregate source that were too great to be explained by variations in the coarse aggregate alone. The durability test (ASTM C 666 Method B) as presently used is a test of the concrete system rather than that of a particular coarse aggregate. An informal study of current durability factor data indicates that w/c ratio and/or percentage of air may be critical to beam growth and durability factor. The purpose of this project, R-258, is to determine the extent w/c ratio and air content variations have on beam growth and durability factor when other factors including coarse aggregate gradation are held constant.

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Keywords: Aggregate gradation, Air content, Coarse aggregates, Concrete tests, Data analysis, Durability tests, Water cement ratio, W/C ratio
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