Construction of a Bridge Floor Using High Range Water Reducer, Construction Report, HR-192, 1978

(1978) Construction of a Bridge Floor Using High Range Water Reducer, Construction Report, HR-192, 1978. Transportation, Department of


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The use of a high range water reducer in bridge floors was initiated by an Iowa Highway Research Board project (HR-192) in 1977 for two basic reasons. One was to determine the feasibility of using a high range water reducer (HRWR) in bridge floor concrete using conventional concrete proportioning, transporting and finishing equipment. The second was to determine the performance and protective qualities against chloride intrusion of a dense concrete bridge floor by de-icing agents used on Iowa's highways during winter months. This project was basically intended to overcome some problems that developed in the original research project. The problems alluded to are the time limits from batching to finishing; use of a different type of finishing machine; need for supplemental vibration on the surface of the concrete during the screeding operation and difficulty of texturing. The use of a double oscillating screed finishing machine worked well and supplemental vibration on one of the screeds was not needed. The limit of 45 minutes from batching the concrete to placement on the deck was verified. This is a maximum when the HRWR is introduced at the batch plant. The problem of texturing was not solved completely but is similar to our problems on the dense "Iowa System" overlay used on bridge deck repair projects. This project reinforced some earlier doubts about using truck transit mixers for mixing and transporting concrete containing HRWR when introduced at the batch plant.

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