Recycled Asphalt Pavement Kossuth County Iowa, HR-176, 1982

(1982) Recycled Asphalt Pavement Kossuth County Iowa, HR-176, 1982. Transportation, Department of


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In 1975, Kossuth County had 492 miles of asphalt pavements, sixty percent of which were between l5 and 20 years old. Many of these roadways were in need of rehabilitation. Normally, asphaltic resurfacing would be the procedure for correcting the pavement deterioration. There are areas within the state of Iowa which do not have Class I aggregate readily available for asphalt cement concrete paving. Kossuth County is one of those areas. The problem is typified by this project. Limestone aggregate to be incorporated into the asphalt resurfacing had to be hauled 53 miles from the quarry to the plant site. The cost of hauling good quality aggregate coupled with the increasing cost of asphalt cement encouraged Kossuth County to investigate the possibility of asphaltic pavement recycling. Another problem, possibly unique to Kossuth County, was the way the original roadways had been constructed. A good clay soil was present under 3 to 4 feet of poorer soil. In order to obtain this good clay soil for subbase construction, the roadway ditches were excavated 1 to 3 feet into the clay soil layer. The resultant roadway tops were several feet above the surrounding farm land and generally less than 26 feet wide. To bring the existing roadway up to current minimum design width, there were two choices: One was to widen the roadway by truck hauling soil and constructing new 4 to 6 foot shoulders. The cost of widening by this method averaged $36,000 per mile in 1975. The other choice was to remove the old pavement and widen the roadway by lowering the grade line. The desire to provide wider paved roadways gave Kossuth County the additional incentive needed to proceed with a pavement recycling project.

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