Characteristics of Chemical Treated Roadway Surfaces, HR-33, 1963

(1963) Characteristics of Chemical Treated Roadway Surfaces, HR-33, 1963. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa Highway Commission Project HR-33, "Characteristics of Chemically Treated Roadway Surfaces", was investigated at the Iowa Engineering Experiment Station under Project 375-S. The purpose of the project as originally proposed was to study the physical and chemical characteristics of chemically treated roadway surfaces. All chemical treatments were to be included, but only sodium chloride and calcium chloride treated roadways were investigated. The uses of other types of chemical treatment were not discovered until recently, notably spent sulfite liquor and a commercial additive. Costs of stabilized secondary roads in Hamilton County averaged $4300.00 per mile even though remanent soil-aggregate material was used. The cost of similar roads in Franklin County was $4400.00 per mile. The Franklin County road surfaces were constructed entirely from materials that were hauled to the road site. Costs in Butler County were a little over $3000.00 per mile some eight years ago. Chemical investigations indicate that calcium chloride and sodium chloride are lost through leaching. Approximately 95 percent of the sodium chloride appears to have been lost, and nearly 65 percent of the calcium chloride has disappeared. The latter value may be much in error since surface dressings of calcium chloride are commonly used and have not been taken into account. Clay contents of the soil-aggregate-chemical stabilized roads range from about 6 to ll percent, averaging 8 or 9 percent. The thicknesses of stabilized mats are usually 2 to 4 inches, with in-place densities ranging from 130 to 145 pcf. Generally the densities found in sodium chloride stabilized roads were slightly higher than those found in the calcium chloride stabilized roads.

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