Strength-Temperature Study of Fly Ash Concrete, MLR-84-6, 1984

(1984) Strength-Temperature Study of Fly Ash Concrete, MLR-84-6, 1984. Transportation, Department of


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Class A, B, and C concrete paving mixes were tested for compressive strength at 40°F and 73°F, both with and without fly ash substitution for 15% of the portland cement. Two Class C ashes and one Class F ash from Iowa approved sources were examined in each mix. The purpose of the study was to provide data on cool weather strength development of concrete paving mixes utilizing Iowa materials. In all cases except one, the fly ash concretes exhibited lower 7 and 28- day compressive strengths at 40°F than control mixes. The continuation of the October 15 cut-off date for the use of fly ash concrete is recommended.

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Keywords: Admixtures, Data collection, Fly ash, Low temperature tests, Strength of materials, Warm mix paving mixtures
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