Iowa's CHLOE Profilometer Correlation Procedure, MLR-87-10, 1987

(1987) Iowa's CHLOE Profilometer Correlation Procedure, MLR-87-10, 1987. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa DOT has been correlating its roadmeters to the CHLOE Profilometer since 1968. The same test method for the Present Serviceability Index (PSI) deduction from the pavement condition (crack and patch) survey has also been used since 1968. Resulting PSI measurements on the Interstate and Primary Highway Systems have had good continuity through the years due to these test procedures. A computer program called PSITREND has been developed to plot PSI versus year tested for every rural pavement section in the State of Iowa. PSITREND provides pavement performance trends which are very useful for prediction of rehabilitation needs and for evaluation of new designs or rehabilitation techniques. The PSITREND data base should be maintained through future years to expand on nineteen years of historical PSI test information already collected.

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Keywords: Computer programs, Databases, Pavement maintenance, Pavement performance, Profilometers, Road meters, Present serviceability index
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