Polymerized Asphalt Cement, HR-533, 1989

(1989) Polymerized Asphalt Cement, HR-533, 1989. Transportation, Department of


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In 1986, a 0.34 mile experimental section of polymerized asphalt cement (PAC30) concrete was placed in the westbound driving lane of Interstate 80 in western Iowa. It was used in a 2" asphalt concrete inlay using 20% recycled asphalt pavement. The virgin aggregate included 41% crushed gravel, 25% crushed quartzite and 14% natural sand. The evaluation of the project was severely limited when a 1987 reconstruction project extended into the experimental section leaving only 395 feet. Rut depths under a 4-foot gage were taken for a period of two years. No significant rutting occurred in the experimental polymerized section. The frequency of transverse cracking in the polymerized AC section was the same as that of the comparative AC-20 section. The asphalt paving mixture made with polymerized AC cost 120% of the cost of the conventional mix.

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Keywords: Aggregates, Asphalt additives, Cost effectiveness, Hot mix asphalt, Polymer asphalt, Transverse Cracking
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