Precast Concrete Panel Thickness for Epoxy-Coated Prestressing Strands, Volume 1, HR-353, 1994

(1994) Precast Concrete Panel Thickness for Epoxy-Coated Prestressing Strands, Volume 1, HR-353, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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This final report for Phase 1 of the research on epoxy-coated, prestressing strands in precast prestressed concrete (PC) panels has been published in two volumes. This volume, Volume 1--Technical Report, contains the problem description, literature review, and survey results; descriptions of the test specimens, experimental tests, and analytical models; discussions of the analytical and experimental results; summary, conclusions, and recommendations; list of references; and acknowledgment. Volume 2--Supplemental Report contains additional information in the form of summarized responses to the questionnaires; graphs showing the strand forces; figures showing the geometry of the specimens and concrete crack patterns that formed in the strand transfer length and strand development length specimens; and graphs of the concrete strains in the strand transfer length specimens, load-point deflections, and strand-slip measurements for the strand development length specimens.

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Keywords: Epoxy coatings, Future, Guides to the literature, Literature reviews, Mathematical models, Panels, Precast concrete, Prestressing, Recommendations, Research, Specimens, Thickness, Prestressing Strands
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