Evaluation of Crushed Limestone Rock as a Mulch Material, HR-171, 1975

(1975) Evaluation of Crushed Limestone Rock as a Mulch Material, HR-171, 1975. Transportation, Department of


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Earthen fills and back slopes resulting from highway building and other construction projects pose problems with respect to erosion stabilization and establishing vegetation cover. Sediments from such slopes create stream pollution while the erosion itself results in maintenance problems. Furthermore, adverse conditions aggravated by erosion prevent satisfactory establishing of vegetative cover. A dense vegetative cover is very effective in controlling erosion but even with optimum weather and soil conditions there is a delay of about 10 weeks between seeding and the establishment of a vegetative cover. Under actual field conditions, 3 months to a year may elapse between completion of construction and establishment of a vegetative cover. A research project was initiated early in 1974 to determine the effectiveness of a rock mulch of crushed limestone aggregates in controlling soil losses on highway construction back slopes in Iowa and to find the influence of such treatments on stand establishment of grasses and legumes.

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Keywords: Crushed limestone, Erosion, Erosion control, Mulching, Pollution of specific environments, Soil conservation, Water pollution
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