Field Evaluation of Quality Management Concrete, MLR-97-3, 1998

(1998) Field Evaluation of Quality Management Concrete, MLR-97-3, 1998. Transportation, Department of


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Quality management concrete allows the contractor to develop the mix design for the portland cement concrete. This research was initiated to gain knowledge about contractor mix designs. An experiment was done to determine the variation in cylinders, beams, and cores that could be used to test the strength of the contractor's mix. In addition, the contractor's cylinder strengths and gradations were analyzed for statistical stability and process capability. This research supports the following conclusions: (1) The mold type used to cast the concrete cylinders had an effect on the compressive strength of the concrete. The 4.5-in. by 9-in. (11.43-cm by 22.86-cm) cylinders had lower strength at a 95% confidence interval than the 4-in. by 8-in. (10.16-cm by 20.32-cm) and 6-in. by 12-in. (15.24-cm by 30.48-cm) cylinders. (2) The low vibration consolidation effort had the lowest strength of the three consolidation efforts. In particular, an interaction occurred between the low vibration effort and the 4.5-in. by 9-in. (11.43-cm by 22.86-cm) mold. This interaction produced very low compressive strengths when compared with the other consolidation efforts. (3) A correlation of 0.64 R-squared was found between the 28 day cylinder and 28 day compressive strengths. (4) The compressive strength results of the process control testing were not in statistical control. The aggregate gradations were mostly in statistical control. The gradation process was capable of meeting specification requirements. However, many of the sieves were off target. (5) The fineness modulus of the aggregate gradations did not correlate well with the strength of the concrete. However, this is not surprising considering that the gradation tests and the strength tests did not represent the same material. In addition, the concrete still has many other variables that will affect its strength that were not controlled.

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Keywords: Aggregate gradation, Beams, Compressive strength, Consolidations, Contractors, Cores (Specimens), Forming, Mix design, Portland cement concrete, Process control, Quality control, Statistical quality control, Vibration
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