Innovative Leak Test for Pavement Joint Seals, Progress Report, HR-318, 1993

(1993) Innovative Leak Test for Pavement Joint Seals, Progress Report, HR-318, 1993. Transportation, Department of


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Premature failure of concrete pavement contraction joint seals is an ongoing and costly problem for the Iowa Department of Transportation. Several joint seal test sections consisting of variations in sawing methods, joint cleaning techniques, sealant installation, and sealant types have been established over the past few years. Laboratory analysis and field inspections were done as a part of the tests, and core samples were taken for laboratory adhesion pull tests. Such methods often cover specifically small areas and may not expose hidden failures. Some tests are also labor-intensive and destructive, especially that of coring. An innovative, nondestructive, broad coverage joint seal tester that yields quick results has been designed and developed for evaluation of pavement joint seal performance. The Iowa vacuum joint seal tester (IA-VAC) applies a low vacuum above a joint seal that has been spray-covered with a foaming water solution. Any unsealed area or leak that exists along the joint will become quickly and clearly visible by the development of bubbles at the leak point. By analyzing the results from the IA-VAC tests, information on the number and types of leaks can be obtained; such information will help identify the source of the problem and direct efforts toward a solution.

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