Stream Stabilization in Western Iowa, HR-352, 1994

(1994) Stream Stabilization in Western Iowa, HR-352, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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Stream channel erosion in the deep loess soils region of western Iowa causes severe damage along hundreds of miles of streams in twenty-two counties. The goal of this project was to develop information, systems, and procedures for use in making resource allocation decisions related to the protection of transportation facilities and farmland from damages caused by stream channel erosion. Section one of this report provides an introduction. Section two presents an assessment of stream channel conditions from aerial and field reconnaissance conducted in 1993 and 1994 and a classification of the streams based on a six stage model of stream channel evolution. A Geographic Information System is discussed that has been developed to store and analyze data on the stream conditions and affected infrastructure and assist in the planning of stabilization measures. Section three presents an evaluation of two methods for predicting the extent of channel degradation. Section four presents an estimate of costs associated with damages from stream channel erosion since the time of channelization until 1992. Damage to highway bridges represent the highest costs associated with channel erosion, followed by railroad bridges and right-of-way; loss of agricultural land represents the third highest cost. An estimate of costs associated with future channel erosion on western Iowa streams is also presented in section four. Section four also presents a procedure to estimate the benefits and costs of implementing stream stabilization measures. The final section of this report, section five, presents information on the development of the organizational structure and administrative procedures which are being used to plan, coordinate, and implement stream stabilization projects and programs in western Iowa.

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