Recycled Paper Erosion Control Mat, HR-349, 1994

(1994) Recycled Paper Erosion Control Mat, HR-349, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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The objective of this research project was to evaluate field application results and determine whether the Earth-Gard mat made from recycled material would successfully control erosion and allow vegetation to establish in ditch bottoms and steep slopes. The research would also help determine how steep a grade in the ditch bottoms can be protected from rill and gully erosion and how steep and long a backslope or foreslope can be protected from sheet and rill erosion by the recycled material and allow establishment of vegetation. The Earth-Gard gave satisfactory performance on areas with limited drainage and gradual slopes. Earth-Gard had a longevity of only six months. It was eroded away when used on areas with greater flow or steeper slopes.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Ditches, Erosion control, Field tests, Performance evaluations, Planting, Slopes, Vegetation, Vegetation establishment
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