Data Acquisition and Computer Plotting of Delamtect Data, HR-269, 1985

(1985) Data Acquisition and Computer Plotting of Delamtect Data, HR-269, 1985. Transportation, Department of


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The overall system is designed to permit automatic collection of delamination field data for bridge decks. In addition to measuring and recording the data in the field, the system provides for transferring the recorded data to a personal computer for processing and plotting. This permits rapid turnaround from data collection to a finished plot of the results in a fraction of the time previously required for manual analysis of the analog data captured on a strip chart recorder. In normal operation the Delamtect provides an analog voltage for each of two channels which is proportional to the extent of any delamination. These voltages are recorded on a strip chart for later visual analysis. An event marker voltage, produced by a momentary push button on the handle, is also provided by the Delamtect and recorded on a third channel of the analog recorder.

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