Alternate Methods of Bridge Strengthening, HR-302, 1989

(1989) Alternate Methods of Bridge Strengthening, HR-302, 1989. Transportation, Department of


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The need for upgrading a large number of understrength and obsolete bridges in the United States has been well documented in the literature. Through the performance of several Iowa DOT projects, the concept of strengthening bridges (simple and continuous spans) by post-tensioning has been developed. The purpose of this project was to investigate two additional strengthening alternatives that may be more efficient than post-tensioning in certain situations. The research program for each strengthening scheme included a literature review, laboratory testing of the strengthening scheme, and a finite-element analysis of the scheme. For clarity the two strengthening schemes are presented separately. In Part 1 of this report, the strengthening of existing steel stringers in composite steel beam concrete-deck bridges by providing partial end restraint was shown to be feasible. Part 2 of this report summarizes the research that was undertaken to strengthen the negative moment regions of continuous, composite bridges. Two schemes were investigated: post-compression of stringers and superimposed trusses within the stringers.

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Keywords: Bridges, Finite element method, Laboratory tests, Strength of materials, Strengthening (Maintenance), Stringers, Trusses, End restraint
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