Field Measurement of Bridges for Long-term Structural Movement, HR-295, 1988

(1988) Field Measurement of Bridges for Long-term Structural Movement, HR-295, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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This report describes the field application of the tilt sensing method for monitoring movement of the Black Hawk and Karl King Bridges. The study objectives were: to design a data acquisition system for tilt sensing equipment utilizing a telephone telemetry system; to monitor possible movement of the main span pier, Pier No. 2, on the Black Hawk Bridge in Lansing and the possible long-term movement of Pier No. 4 on the Karl King Bridge in Fort Dodge; and to assess the feasibility, reliability, and accuracy of the instrumentation system used in this study.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Accuracy, Bridge piers, Bridges, Data collection, Field tests, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Motion, Reliability, Structural analysis, Structural mechanics, Time duration, Field measurements, Long term, Structural behavior
Subjects: Transportation
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