Iowa Byways: The Official Guide to Iowa Byways, 2013

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Browse through this guide and you’ll find the distinct flavor of what is available along each byway. Discover recreational, historic, cultural and scenic attractions using the maps and lists provided in the guide. You’ll find numbered attractions for each byway in or near the town listed. For a comprehensive list of byway features, visit Friendly local contacts are provided to help you along the way. Iowa Transportation Maps clearly tracking all the Iowa byways with red dotted lines are available at Iowa’s official welcome centers. Traveling Iowa’s byways you will experience small town America, while enjoying diverse landscapes and unique landforms that have been shaped over thousands of years. Iowa’s cultural heritage also plays a major role across all 11 byways, boasting hundreds of historic sites, national landmarks and interpretive centers, each telling Iowa’s stories from the first Native Americans through European immigrants to modern times. Glaciers once covered much of Iowa, shaping the broad flat plains of the prairie. These massive sheets of ice missed the northeast corner of the state, leaving the land along the Driftless Area Byway rugged and hilly with rock outcroppings, springs and cold water trout streams. Rivers coursed their way through the land, carving deep furrows in some places and leaving gently rolling hills in others. In western Iowa, wind has shaped fine sand into the impressive Loess Hills, a rare land form found in only one other place on earth. Iowa’s two national scenic byways and nine state byways offer unique varieties of scenic features, and more for you to see and do. View three states from atop a Mississippi River bluff, stop at a modern art museum and then tour a working farm. Explore a historic mill, visit a national aquarium, take a boat ride in a cave, purchase locally crafted pottery and wares from local artisans or trace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Experience the actual wagon ruts of the Mormon Trail, ride your bike 13 stories high, canoe a water trail, star gaze under Iowa’s darkest sky, and marvel at mounds built by prehistoric cultures. Agriculture wraps Iowa’s byways with an abundance of farmland vistas and fills Iowa lands with ever-changing crops and activities for you to “harvest.” You’ll see croplands on the vast flat plains and farmsteads sprinkled across rolling hills reminiscent of a Grant Wood painting. Along the way, you might wander in a corn maze, rest at a bed and breakfast, study farming in museums, discover the Iowa barn quilt collection or visit a working Amish farm. When you are ready to step outside your vehicle, you’ll find much more to do and see. Prairie, forests, rivers and public lands are abundant along Iowa’s byways; providing opportunities for you to stop and play in the outdoors with hiking, biking, kayaking and trout fishing. Classic hometowns with pride for their unique lore and offerings are found all along the byways. They invite you to taste local food, enjoy their architecture, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture that defines them. Why not plan your next journey off the beaten path? No matter how you choose to make the most of every moment, we know that time spent along Iowa’s byways is sure to grow your love for Iowa’s diverse, beautiful vistas and authentic communities. Happy driving!

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