Feasibility Study of Strengthening Existing Single Span Steel Beam Concrete Deck Bridges; HR-214, June 1961

(1961) Feasibility Study of Strengthening Existing Single Span Steel Beam Concrete Deck Bridges; HR-214, June 1961. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa has the same problem that confronts most states in the United States: many bridges constructed more than 20 years ago either have deteriorated to the point that they are inadequate for original design loads or have been rendered inadequate by changes in design/maintenance standards or design loads. Inadequate bridges require either strengthening or posting for reduced loads. A sizeable number of single span, composite concrete deck - steel I beam bridges in Iowa currently cannot be rated to carry today's design loads. Various methods for strengthening the unsafe bridges have been proposed and some methods have been tried. No method appears to be as economical and promising as strengthening by post-tensioning of the steel beams. At the time this research study was begun, the feasibility of posttensioning existing composite bridges was unknown. As one would expect, the design of a bridge-strengthening scheme utilizing post-tensioning is quite complex. The design involves composite construction stressed in an abnormal manner (possible tension in the deck slab), consideration of different sizes of exterior and interior beams, cover-plated beams already designed for maximum moment at midspan and at plate cut-off points, complex live load distribution, and distribution of post-tensioningforces and moments among the bridge beams. Although information is available on many of these topics, there is miminal information on several of them and no information available on the total design problem. This study, therefore, is an effort to gather some of the missing information, primarily through testing a half-size bridge model and thus determining the feasibility of strengthening composite bridges by post-tensioning. Based on the results of this study, the authors anticipate that a second phase of the study will be undertaken and directed toward strengthening of one or more prototype bridges in Iowa.

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