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May/June 2003

Good Living in Iowa –
2nd Most Livable State

Iowa holds its place as the second most livable state in the nation, crediting access to healthcare, low government debt and affordable homes for career-conscious workers among its strong attributes.

Morgan Quitno Press, in its 2003 rankings of “Most Livable States,” ranks Iowa second next to Minnesota. Iowa has ranked the second or third most livable state in the nation for the last six years by Morgan Quitno, the most respected quality of life ranking of the states. More than half of the top ten most livable states are in the Midwest. Morgan Quitno ranks states using 43 statistics reflecting what most people would consider important to their quality of life, such as good schools, healthy communities with a strong economy, safe neighborhoods and career opportunities.

According to Morgan Quitno, Iowa has the highest percentage of the population with health insurance, the lowest per capita state and local government debt and ranks second in per capita home ownership. Iowa’s tradition in education excellence is also reflected in the rankings, which show that Iowa is fifth in high school graduation rates (82.5%) and seventh in percent of the population with a high school diploma.

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