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January/February 2003

Iowa 3-D Firm Merges with Chief Competitor for Global Leadership

 Mechdyne Corporation or Marshalltown, Iowa, announced it would merge with Fakespace Systems Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario, to become a visualization industry powerhouse. Together, the two former arch-rivals will bring the best of both worlds to the table, making their companies forerunners in the global marketplace.

Mechdyne and Fakespace are both prominent players in the global marketplace for display systems that enable users to work with three-dimensional models and environments as if they really exist in space. These advanced visualization systems are used in a variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, military, aerospace, geophysical exploration, biotechnology and scientific research.

The display systems are large-scale front- and rear-projected displays and walk-in virtual environments that provide exceptionally high-resolution stereoscopic viewing, which enables engineers, geoscientists and researchers to achieve better insight, communications and collaboration.

Mechdyne focuses on oil and gas, selling its products mainly in South America; Fakespace Systems Inc. works primarily with federal government clients in Europe.