Iowa Aviation System Plan, 2004-2024

(2004) Iowa Aviation System Plan, 2004-2024. Iowa State University


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The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), strives to ensure that Iowa’s system of public airports is positioned to meet the needs of businesses, residents, and visitors to our state. Airports must be accessible and positioned to safely meet different levels of aviation activity. In partnership with the FAA and various cities, counties, and airport authorities, the Iowa DOT helps to direct the systematic development of public airports. This report is a summary of a more comprehensive technical report that outlines a strategic plan for improving the performance of airports in Iowa over the next 20 years. More information on the technical report and on individual reports prepared for each of the public airports can be obtained from the Iowa DOT, Office of Aviation website at The Iowa Aviation System Plan provides the Iowa DOT with an important tool to monitor the ability of airports to meet customer needs. The plan also provides a means to measure the effects of investment on the performance of the Iowa Aviation System. Over the next 20 years, federal, state, local, and private funding will be needed to ensure that the aviation system meets goals established in this study. It is estimated that at least $821 million will be needed over the next 20 years if airports in Iowa are to respond to objectives set by the system plan. In future years, the plan will enable the Iowa DOT to measure system performance. By tracking key indicators for the airport system, it will be possible for the Iowa DOT and the FAA to formulate strategies for responding to Iowa’s air transportation needs. The Iowa Aviation System Plan provides a guide for the state and its communities to ensure that the vision established for the Iowa Aviation System can be achieved.

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