2008 Unit Plan and 2007 Annual Performance Report, January 2007

(2007) 2008 Unit Plan and 2007 Annual Performance Report, January 2007. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is pleased to present our Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Unit Plan and FY 2007 Performance Report. The "Plan" outlines the direction of the FHWA Iowa Division office in the administration of the Federal-aid program. It is a product of a continuous improvement cycle which reflects recommendations from partners (i.e. Annual Risk Assessments; see following pages), customer feedback (i.e. Bi-annual Partner Survey), and the corporate goals of the FHWA. The Plan is a "working document" in that it is modified periodically to reflect changes in priorities, activities, and resources. Human and financial resource estimates are linked to the activities in the Plan. This linkage to resources and the flexibility of the Plan will allow the Division to better meet planned and unplanned needs over the course of the year. The Plan was developed in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Transportation (IA DOT) and FHWA Headquarters. The purpose of this coordination is to ensure that efforts reflect FHWA National Goals, specific focus areas, and the "Vital Few" (VF) of Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Streamlining and Congestion Mitigation (The VF can best be described as our "to do" list. We recognize that we cannot be all things to all people and we need to focus on our core business. Selecting three vital few areas also reflects our commitment to using our resources wisely and for the greatest impact in areas where we identify specific, critical performance gaps.) while specifically addressing the transportation needs of Iowa. It is critical for the Iowa Division to develop alignment with our partners in order to successfully carry out the Federal-aid program. The Performance Report documents those key performance measures, outcomes, and goals the Division believes are important to influence, "Our Focus". These are the measures that, when influenced positively, will result in significant transportation system improvements for the traveling public. These are also measures that reflect FHWA's national goals and "Vital Few" focus areas as they apply to Iowa. The Iowa Division's efforts were spent primarily in areas that positively impact the trends of these outcome measures.

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