Integrated Materials and Construction Practice for Concrete Pavement: A State-of-the-Practice Manual, 2006

(2006) Integrated Materials and Construction Practice for Concrete Pavement: A State-of-the-Practice Manual, 2006. Transportation, Department of


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At the heart of all concrete pavement projects is the concrete itself. This manual is intended as both a training tool and a reference to help concrete paving engineers, quality control personnel, specifiers, contractors, suppliers, technicians, and tradespeople bridge the gap between recent research and practice regarding optimizing the performance of concrete for pavements. Specifically, it will help readers do the following:

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Note: This record contains links to the 355-page full manual as well as to 13 technical summaries covering smaller sections of the text. The technical summaries are not deposited separately in this repository. The summary titles are as follows: IMCP Technical Summary 1. Introduction to the IMCP Manual -- IMCP Technical Summary 2. Concrete Pavement Design -- IMCP Technical Summary 3. Concrete Materials Basics -- IMCP Technical Summary 4a. Cement Hydration -- The Basics -- IMCP Technical Summary 4b. Material Incompatibilities -- IMCP Technical Summary 5a. Plastic (Fresh) Concrete Properties -- IMCP Technical Summary 5b. Hardened Concrete Properties (Durability) -- IMCP Technical Summary 5c. Early -- Age Cracking -- IMCP Technical Summary 6. Development of Concrete Mixtures -- IMCP Technical Summary 7. Preparation for Pavement Construction -- IMCP Technical Summary 8. Concrete Pavement Construction -- IMCP Technical Summary 9. Quality Assurance and Quality Control -- IMCP Technical Summary 10. Troubleshooting
Keywords: Concrete pavement, concrete materials, construction, hydration, materials incompatibilities, QA/QC, optimizing pavement performance
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Transportation > Design and Construction
Transportation > Research > Concrete
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