Streets and Traffic by Kevin Laverty, 1978

(1978) Streets and Traffic by Kevin Laverty, 1978. Transportation, Department of


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Planners have often claimed that automobiles, and traffic are destructive influences on neighborhood quality, and the practice of subdivision design frequently reflects this potential for damage by maximizing the use of cul-de-sacs and minimizing the impacts of arterials through reverse frontages, landscape buffers, and earthen berms. A large body of research has documented the microscopic impacts of noise from tires and engines, the distribution of air pollutants such as lead, asbestos, dust, carbon monoxide, particulates, and other hydrocarbons, and water pollutants such as petroleum products and by-products, chemicals used for snow removal, and others. Residents of urban neighborhoods often complain about truck noise, traffic danger, and too many automobiles.

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