Geographic Data Encoding Issues by Kenneth J. Dueker, April 1975

(1975) Geographic Data Encoding Issues by Kenneth J. Dueker, April 1975. University of Iowa


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Encoding geographic data into machine-readable form is a major issue in the design and the development of statewide land use information systems. The available and potential technology constitutes a bewildering array of choices for system designers from which to select formats and processing capabilities to meet user applications. Unfortunately, the data use/application areas are not well specified; consequently designers are not provided a very precise statement of data requirements (or fidelity requirements for the data capture and processing system). Therefore, the tolerable distortion rates and tolerable information losses are not well expressed so as to assess coding efficiencies. Nor is there substantial agreement as to the appropriate breadth of comparative tests, as some systems can replicate coverages well for cartographic purposes, while other systems may provide stronger analytical capabilities for processing encoded geographic data.

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