Attitudes Toward and Evaluation of Carpooling, August 1974

(1975) Attitudes Toward and Evaluation of Carpooling, August 1974. Transportation, Department of


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Three manifestations of this nation's automobile transportation system are fast becoming critical problems--congestion, energy consumption, and cost. Congestion defeats the automobile's prime advantage of providing personalized, highly flexible transportation. The car originally freed people to travel much more widely than ever before and allowed them to take advantage of a wider range of opportunities. Overloading highways negates the speed and flexibility advantage of auto transit. Building more roads to accommodate for autos has become both an economic and an .environmental strain. We are losing the freedom and ease of transit that the automobile once provided. Congestion is not a 24-hour problem however. Existing street and highway capacity can easily handle or be modified to handle well-distributed traffic flows. The problem lies in the uneven distributions of traffic rush hour traffic. Rush-hour traffic, both morning and evening, is the result of highly regularized work schedules which put the majority of the working population on the road at the same time.

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