1983 Quad Cities Transit Development Study, March 1983

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The 195O's and the 1960's saw a steady decline in the use of public transportation in the Quad Cities urban area. Long years of deferred maintenance, service reductions and fare increases by the privately owned transit operations, combined with the continually increasing public investments in automobile-related facilities, gradually resulted in a public transit ridership composed of only those individuals who had no viable transportation alternative other than transit. Finally, in the late 1960's the public transportation providers appealed to local governments for financial assistance to avoid the loss of even this last remnant of public transit service. In response to this request, local governments in both the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities began providing operating subsidies to the financially ailing private transit systems. These funds were not sufficient to allow a resurgence of the private transit industry, but did allow the private systems to remain in operation for the period of time necessary to have public transportation evaluated. Finally, in 1974, the local Quad Cities governmental units to purchased the assets of the private Quad Cities transit providers and begin a period of public operation of the Quad Cities transit systems.

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