Trucking in Iowa prepared by the American Trucking Associations, 1991

(1991) Trucking in Iowa prepared by the American Trucking Associations, 1991. Transportation, Department of


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The 1980s began with economic turmoil in Iowa but ended with a surging economy and strong a diverse array of industries across the state. During this past decade, a more efficient trucking industry rose to meet the transportation needs of Iowa's businesses and consumers. Iowa's trucking industry is a full working partner in the state's economy and is dedicated to providing a safe, accessible and affordable service. In the late 1980s, the trucking industry was the target of increased taxes. Not only is the trucking industry paying higher taxes, but an increased share of road user taxes as well. These higher taxes exceed The industry's fair share of the cost of our state's highways and represent a trend which threatens Iowa's future growth. We cannot make access to efficient and reasonably priced freight transportation difficult for our revitalized agriculture and manufacturing industries or our new economic growth leaders the insurance and service industries. Iowa must continue to be a competitive business location in order to capture its growth potential.

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