Mason City Origin and Destination Traffic Study, Iowa State Highway Commission, April 1964

(1964) Mason City Origin and Destination Traffic Study, Iowa State Highway Commission, April 1964. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa State Highway Commission, in cooperation with the United States Bureau of Public Roads, began work on the external phase of an external-internal origin-destination traffic study in Mason City. Motorists traveling to or from the Mason City urban area on primary roads were interviewed in June of 1961 regarding the origin and destination of their trip, purpose of the trip etc. Similar interviews were conducted the following year on secondary roads entering the urban area and at interview stations located in an internal cordon line around the central business district. The purpose of this study was to obtain extensive information regarding traffic patterns and volumes in the Mason City urban area. Factual and complete data of this nature is essential in the planning of streets and highways which will not only serve the needs of local traffic, but which will serve the needs of interstate and intercity traffic as well. It is not the purpose of this report to make recommendations concerning the revision or construction of routes. It is rather to organize and present the findings of the study in a manner which will implement the planning of efficient and economical streets and highways for the Mason City urban area.

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