Condition of Higher Education In Iowa 2022

(2023) Condition of Higher Education In Iowa 2022. College Student Aid Commission


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This seventh “Condition of Higher Education in Iowa” report summarizes college attainment, readiness, and success in Iowa. It also examines the actual price of college and how Iowans are financing their postsecondary education. As expected, the COVID-19 global pandemic created less than desirable effects relative to attainment, readiness, and success. However, Iowa remains one of the national leaders in high school graduation rates and ACT scores. Additionally, Iowa exceeds the national average of citizens with an associate’s degree or higher level of education. Our FAFSA completion rates also stabilized after a period of pandemic-related declines. We hope this indicates that we are on the verge of reversing some of the undesirable effects of COVID-19. This report also details how the pandemic exacerbated many of the equity gaps that existed before 2020. These significant racial and socioeconomic gaps in the college-going pipeline remain—gaps we must address to meet the state’s education goals. “Because College Changes Everything” is Iowa College Aid’s motto and it continues to be proven true within this report. The opening chapter details how individuals with a postsecondary education earn higher wages, are more likely to be employed, and pay more in taxes while relying less on social services. For these reasons, Iowa College Aid remains committed to making higher education a possibility for every Iowan, and it drives our mission to advocate for and support Iowans as they explore, finance, and complete postsecondary education.

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