Health Care and Public Transit; Your Ticket to Health Care Access, 2005

(2005) Health Care and Public Transit; Your Ticket to Health Care Access, 2005. Public Health, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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Transportation is an important health care issue. The majority of the population here in Iowa have ready access and typically use private automobiles to access health care and other community services. There is also a significant segment of the population that either does not have access to a personal automobile or is not currently capable of driving. This can potentially limit their access to health care, but it has greater health implications because it can also limit access to nutrition and other community services, as well as involvement in social activities. For people unable to drive themselves, the alternatives generally include reliance on family, friends, volunteer groups, and public transit. Many choose transit because it gives them a degree of independence. Public transit is often used to supplement other options even when they are available. It becomes critical in circumstances where the other options don’t exist. In many cases there may be no family available or they may not always be able to get off work when travel needs arise during the workday. Friends may be in similar circumstances and volunteer groups may be either unavailable or overwhelmed. The fact that many patients depend on public transit to get to and from health care appointments makes it beneficial for health care professionals to get to know more about public transit and how it operates here in Iowa.

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