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The TR-726 research project investigates and produces the modernization of the Iowa Transportation Program Management System, TPMS. This report describes TPMS background information, application development processes, and User Manual and Developmental Specifications used to create the web-based application modernization and incorporated improvements. The three distinct sections of this report include research activities, a User Manual, and functional/technical specifications for the newly created TPMS 2020 application. TPMS 2020 is a modern multi-modular web-based software application designed to augment programming, review and acceptance, and project development requirements of Iowa’s transportation projects. The full functional process spans project concept development and programming to project turn-in for letting, with all intermediate milestone submittals and reviews documented throughout the process. The TPMS 2020 processes allow for coordinated interaction of multi-agency participants including local, regional, and state representatives. The final TPMS 2020 product will be housed and maintained by the ICEA Service Bureau, with access to all authorized users through a secure user interface, and will accommodate “real-time” secure API data exchange with the Iowa DOT PPMS software application.

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