Welded Wire Fabric Reinforcement for Asphaltic Concrete

(1962) Welded Wire Fabric Reinforcement for Asphaltic Concrete. Transportation, Department of

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This report evaluates the use of welded wire fabric reinforcement to alleviate rutting and/or shoveling of pavement at intersections, and compares the effectiveness of extra thickness of asphaltic concrete overlays over portland cement concrete vs the use of welded wire reinforcement in the asphaltic concrete overlay to control reflection cracking in the asphaltic concrete surface. The advisibility of breaking the old concrete pavement into small slabs is also analyzed. It is shown that thestability of the asphaltic concrete surface course has been increased by reinforcing with welded wire fabric reinforcement and that a considerable reduction in the amount of pavement distortion has resulted at the intersections investigated. It is also shown that, although welded wire fabric reinforcement has not demonstrated ability to prevent or reduce reflection cracking, breaking of the existing rigid pavement has prevented or at least retarded reflection cracking.

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