Web-Based Database for Highway Erosion and Sedimentation Control Measures HR-485, 2003

(2003) Web-Based Database for Highway Erosion and Sedimentation Control Measures HR-485, 2003. Transportation, Department of


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An online database was designed and developed as an Iowa Highway Research Board project by the authors. Our database is intended for identifying and evaluating effective erosion and sedimentation control measures (ESCMs) for use in roadway construction throughout Iowa and elsewhere in the Midwest. The ESCM database is an efficient practical resource to aid state, county, and municipal engineers in the selection of the best management practices (BMPs) for erosion and sediment control. The overall project’s goal is to provide a helpful, simplified electronic “office-field manual” readily available prior to, during, and after roadway construction. The database is based on an extensive review of literature pertaining to ESCMs. The literature review included in-house manuals, information on state department of transportation (DOT) websites, publications from state and federal government levels, industry design manuals, and specialized computer programs. Further considerations was obtained by surveying state DOTs through questionnaires within the Great Plains, Upper Midwest Region and the Iowa County engineers. The critical review of the available resources and the conducted surveys led to the development of an expert system. The web-based version of the expert system (ES) is a comprehensive “inference engine” that will assist various specialists (owners, contractors, inspectors, etc.) involved in the selection, design, construction, inspection, and maintenance of ESCMs for roadway construction. To the knowledge of the authors, the current database is the most robust electronic “office-field” guide that aids the user in the selection of an appropriate ESCM for specific site conditions. The present paper summarizes design and usage considerations for the developed Iowa Highway Research Board ES.

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