CulvertCalc LRFD Software for Box Culverts User Manual TR-620

(2013) CulvertCalc LRFD Software for Box Culverts User Manual TR-620. Transportation, Department of

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CulvertCalc was developed for the Iowa DOT to automate the analysis, design and rating of RCB culverts. The Microsoft Windows-based program was originally developed to design RCB culverts according to the LRFD Specifications and Iowa DOT policies. A subsequent revision added a rating feature conforming to the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, 2nd Edition with Interims through 2013 to CulvertCalc. Intended users for the program are professional engineers and technicians with a working knowledge of the LRFD Specifications and RCB culvert design. CulvertCalc will analyze, design and rate single, twin and triple barrel RCB culverts with userspecified cell span and height dimensions. Various input screens allow the user to select and/or adjust a variety of variables used in the analysis, design and rating of a culvert such as live load properties, fill properties, load factors and material properties. By default, these variables are set to conform to the Iowa DOT policies used to design the RCB Culvert Standards. These default settings allow the user to analyze and design a standard culvert with a minimal amount of input. A customizable truck library allows the user to create custom trucks and save the library for future use.

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