Evaluation of Experimental Stabilized Soil Base Construction, Webster County, Iowa HR-68

(1964) Evaluation of Experimental Stabilized Soil Base Construction, Webster County, Iowa HR-68. Transportation, Department of


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This paper presents a portion of the results of an experimental stabilized soil road base program initiated by the Iowa State Highway Commission and the Webster County Engineer's Office. The 8.058-mi long site chosen is typical of the Clarion-Nicollet-Webster soil association area materials found in hundreds of miles of farm-to-market roads in the north-central third of Iowa. The Webster series, a black, heavy-textured, poorly drained clayey soil, dominates. Variable thickness base sections were constructed by using the inplace soil materials stablized with Type I portland cement, lime, limefly ash and a combination of lime and portland cement. The surface course was a double bituminous armor coat using 3/8-in. crushed stone chips. The experimental features of the project were divided into two primary objectives, both directly related: (a) evaluation of conventional construction procedures, existing construction-inspection specifications and techniques, and recommendations for establishment and/or changes to each of the above areas; and (b) evaluation of the constructed material by field and laboratory tests for determination of stability requirements in the development of design criteria for low-cost stabilized soil base roads. This paper deals principally with the area of the first objective. Presented are an evaluation of the construction techniques, gradation specifications preceding introduction of the stabilizing agent(s); discussion of use of lime as a pretreating agent for reduction of plasticity and increase of friability, comparison of laboratory and field standard Proctor moisture-density relationships, in-place field density determinations using oil density and standard Proctor penetrometer methods, and variation of unconfined compressive strength of 7-day moist-cure specimens with variations in moisture and density.

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