Evaluation of Fueling our Future Program HR-3007, 2018

(2018) Evaluation of Fueling our Future Program HR-3007, 2018. Transportation, Department of

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In Iowa, 53 percent of the corn that is harvested is used for ethanol production. Almost two-fifth of the ethanol that is generated is used for fuel. The distribution of biofuels increased by 0.7 percent in 2014 due to the rise in the sale of ethanol. If Iowa continues to allocate biofuels at the rate of 0.7 percent per year, the set target of replacing 25 percent of gasoline with biofuels by 2020 would not be satisfied. This underscores the need for programs such as “Fueling our Future. As part of the program, surveys were conducted at various gas stations in Iowa. The purpose of these surveys was to investigate consumer fuel choices as well as the reasoning behind those choices. By doing so, it was possible to determine the consumer acceptance and awareness of different biofuel blends such as E10, E15, E20, E30 and E85.

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