Development of a Conflict Analysis Methodology Using SSAM RB01-011, August 2012

(2012) Development of a Conflict Analysis Methodology Using SSAM RB01-011, August 2012. Transportation, Department of


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The ultimate goal of this research was to provide improved design guidance for J-turn intersections by learning more about the safety and operational consequences of including or excluding certain geometric design features under various traffic volume conditions. The proposed methodology to accomplish this research objective was to use the VisSim micro-simulation software package in conjunction with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM). Three alternative high-speed rural expressway intersection designs were modeled previously in VisSim and used to accomplish this analysis. This report examines the use of SSAM for performing a conflict analysis, comparing the safety consequences of alternative designs, and developing conflict and/or crash modification factors. A conflict analysis methodology using the SSAM software was developed and refined. The refined conflict analysis methodology is included in this report.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: conflict modification factors—crash modification factors—geometric design features—high-speed rural roads—intersection design—intersection safety—J-turn intersections—surrogate safety assessments—VisSim
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