Developing Smooth, Quiet, Safe Portland Cement Concrete Pavements, March 2004

(2004) Developing Smooth, Quiet, Safe Portland Cement Concrete Pavements, March 2004. Iowa State University


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The concrete paving industry has spent large amounts of time working to provide safe, quiet, and smooth pavements for the traveling public as their needs and driving habits have changed since the advent of the automobile. During that time, the efforts of research, design, and construction were directed at one of the problems at a time. Current public surveys indicate that the traveling public wishes to have safe, quiet, and smooth pavements. This report identifies the problems remaining in the areas of developing smooth, quiet, and safe portland cement concrete pavement in each pavement we build. It develops the research framework that can be used to bring the existing information together with additional research in each area. The resulting answers can be used in each pavement design for a quiet, safe, and smooth pavement that is also long lasting.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: pavement friction, pavement profile, pavement noise, smoothness, surface texture
Subjects: Transportation > Research
Transportation > Research > Concrete
Transportation > Design and Construction
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