Evaluating Properties of Blended Cements for Concrete Pavements, December 2003

(2003) Evaluating Properties of Blended Cements for Concrete Pavements, December 2003. Iowa State University


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The addition of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), such as fly ash (FA) and slag, generally improves concrete workability, durability, and long-term strength. New trends in sustainable development of concrete infrastructure and in environmental regulations on waste disposal are spurring use of SCMs in concrete. However, use of SCM concrete is sometimes limited due to a lack of understanding about material behaviors and lack of proper specifications for its construction practice. It is believed that SCM concrete performance varies significantly with the source and proportion of the cementitious materials. SCM concrete often displays slower hydration, accompanied by slower setting and lower early-age strength, especially under cold weather conditions. The present research was conducted to have a better understanding of SCM concrete behaviors under different weather conditions. In addition to the study of the effect of SCM content on concrete set time using cementitious materials from different sources/manufacturers, further research may be needed to investigate the effects of SCM combinations on concrete flowability, air stability, cracking resistance, and durability.

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Keywords: blended cement fly ash, portland cement concrete, slag, supplementary cementitious materials
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