Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service - User Guide and Software Requirements Version 1.2 - Addendum 587

(2018) Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service - User Guide and Software Requirements Version 1.2 - Addendum 587. Transportation, Department of

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The goal of this project was to establish the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) open traffic data service, which will allow vendors and agencies to provide near real-time, proactive alerts to commercial drivers regarding traffic conditions along their routes. This open data service provides operations-related data to any commercial, public or private entity to develop their own applications or integrate these data into their existing hardware, software, and logistics systems. The purpose of this document is to give a detail description of the requirements for the open data service maintained by the REACTOR Lab at the Institute for Transportation on behalf of the Iowa Department of Transportation. The report explains the purpose and complete declaration for the development of the system, as well as the system constraints, interface, and interactions with other application. The open data service makes transportation related data accessible to both internal DOT and external third-party users. A combination of high-performance computing (HPC) on premise and on the cloud was used to create data fees which provide clean data streams, alerts for traffic congestion using machine learning, performance reporting, and data analytics.

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