Temporal Changes in Nitrates in Groundwater in Northwestern Iowa, 1984

(1984) Temporal Changes in Nitrates in Groundwater in Northwestern Iowa, 1984. University of Iowa


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Authors have discussed the limited data available to describe changes in groundwater quality that have occurred over the past several decades. Hallberg and others (1983b) discussed historic groundwater quality data from the Big Spring, which showed that nitrate concentration in groundwater from Big Spring had increased approximately 230% between 1968 and 1982. Hallberg and Hoyer (1982) and Hallberg and others (1983a) discussed data on nitrate concentrations in rural, domestic water-supply wells from samples collected in Clayton, Allamakee, and Winneshiek Counties in 1975 by Iowa Geological Survey (IGS) staff. While none of these wells were located in the Big Spring basin, all of them are located in similar geological settings to those found in the Big Spring basin, and many were located within the Turkey River drainage basin. To provide some further background data and perspective on the temporal changes of water quality in this region, 50 of the wells originally sampled in October, 1975 were selected to be re-sampled in October, 1983.

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