Guide to Aerial Imagery of Iowa, September 1974

(1974) Guide to Aerial Imagery of Iowa, September 1974. University of Iowa


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Aerial photographs are produced by private as well as governmental agencies. Often, there is a lack of communication concerning the availability of this photography, and duplication of coverage can occur. The purpose of this index is to make available, in one document, a list of the aerial photographic coverage available for Iowa. Not only can a listing of available photographic coverage avoid duplication, but it may also increase public awareness of the use of photographic tools for natural resource management. A brief description of the properties of light, as well as an explanation of the cameras, filters, and films used in aerial photography, is included with this index. Although an understanding of the systems used to produce the photographs is not crucial to an individual wishing to use them, it does aid in understanding some of the problems and limitations involved with different imagery types.

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