Eminent Domain in Iowa, March 1, 1960

(1960) Eminent Domain in Iowa, March 1, 1960. Transportation, Department of

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Today)1ighway exgansion occupies the dominant and leading role in the law of eminent domain . With the increased highway expansion in Iowa as in the entire United States, encouraged by numerous ·Federal Aid Highway Acts, it is necessary to reappraise and review the law of eminent domain in Iowa. This work is not intended to be a full and complete survey of the field of eminent domain . It is intended to cover elementary materials and "common problems .. in Iowa eminent domain proceedings . The majority of cases cited and considered are Iowa cases, and rightly so because this work was prepared primarily for Iowa practice. The reader is cautioned that the law of eminent domain is not reduced to a fixed and crystallized formula. This review is prepared as an aid to the trial attorney and not as an authority unto itself.

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